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GLYCO WHEY Best Protein WPC WPI Blend

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·       Ultra Filtered WPI / WPC Glycomacropeptide Rich Protein

·       Ideal every day protein for men and women wanting the best quality protein.

·       Excellent post or pre training protein with a fast and slow release nature.

·       Glyco Whey provides easily absorbed protein sourced from completely un-denatured cold pressed ultrafiltered whey protein



Who:Ideal for all individuals including, Athletics, Swimming, Running, Cycling, Body Building. Use straight after training and physical exercise. 
Glyco Whey is a premium quality WPI/WPC formulated supplementary sports food that features a fast release protein complex and is designed specifically for the serious sports person to aid them in achieving their nutritional and performance goals.

When: Pre and post training, as a snack in between meals and wholle food nutrition

How: 2.5 x scoops in water or milk or blend with fruit


Glyco Whey provides easily absorbed protein sourced from completely un-denatured cold pressed ultrafiltered whey protein. Whey protein provides the essential branched chain amino acids and naturally high levels of L-Glutamine to support muscle nutrition when protein intake is required immediately after training. Whey is recognized as one of the highest bio-available sources of protein in the world and New Zealand makes many of the highest quality whey products available. Glyco Whey (made in New Zealand), provides the full spectrum of whey fractions including glycomacropeptides (a whey fraction that helps in the absorption of all proteins). Some methods of whey extraction like ion exchange can totally exclude the glycomacropeptide fraction. The unique processing of Glyco Whey, using Ultra and cold filtration processes, protects all the whey protein fractions and the naturally present vitamins and minerals. Glyco Whey is also boosted with free form L Tyrosine, L Glutamine, L Glycine and essential B Vitamins which aid protein synthesis making it more bioavailable.

What is Micro and Ultra filtration?

Micro and ultrafiltration are very similar. The main difference between them is the average pore size of the filtration membranes. Microfiltration membranes are about one micrometer, which is very small. However, ultrafiltration membrane is about 4 times smaller than microflitation at about 250 nanometers or (0.25 micrometer). Ultra Filtration is superior providing a finer and smoother mixing powder as has been witnessed by many Syn-Tec customers who have made comment on this observation alone.

In this process the whey protein is flowed over the membranes (cross flowed is a term often used) and is forced through the membranes where natural ceramic filters are used to separate the whey protein from the raw protein solution. Undesirable components such as fat and lactose are filtered out. The particles are separated based on their molecular size and shape. This results in a micro or ultra filtrated WPI. No heat or electricity is used so no harm is done to the protein on a sub molecular level.

The key advantages to this processing method include:

1 Minimal denaturing of protein

2 Preserved protein fractions

3 Better amino acid profile

4 Contains more calcium and less sodium

5 Does not damage the many immune boosting components such as alpha lactalbumin, immunoglobulins and Glycomacropeptides.

6 Has the highest level of undenatured protein available.

So in a nut shell, it is Syn-Tec’s opinion that Micro Filtered and or Ultra filtered whey protein isolate is the best quality as it is a whole undenatured protein source. The way nature intended it to be.

Glyco Whey is a fantastic tasting shake that provides serious sports people with a premium quality whey protein supplement to help support recovery and muscle nutrition when combined with a physical training or exercise programme. Glyco Whey is very low in fat and carbohydrates, contains no added sugars and mixes easily in a shaker. Glyco Whey is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and appropriate fluid intake. Consult a health care professional before starting in any new supplementation, training or exercise programme.


Available in: 700 grams (25 Servings) and 1.5kg (53 Servings) and 3.0kg (106 serves)

Flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla,
Typical analysis per 28 gram serving (choc flavour)
Mixed in water

Protein 22.5g
Fat 1.0g
Carbohydrates - Total 2.2g
- Sugars 1.4g
Calories 109
Sodium 37mg
Potassium 276mg
L- Glutamine 900mg
L- Tyrosine 200mg
Vitamin B1 1.1mg
Vitamin B2 1.6mg
Vitamin B3 10.0mg
Vitamin B5 1.7mg
Vitamin B6 1.6mg
Vitamin C 40mg
Chromium 24mcg

Amino Acid Profile
Typical amino acid profile mg per 100 grams of Protein

Essential Amino Acids
Isoleucine 5371mg
Leucine 10068mg
Lysine 8620mg
Methionine 2086mg
Phenylalanine 2916mg
Threonine 6089mg
Tryptophan 1752mg
Valine 4927mg

NON-Essential Amino Acids
Histidine 1757mg
Alanine 4726mg
Arginine 2261mg
Aspartic Acid 9921mg
Cysteine/Cystine 2508mg
Glutamic Acid 15801mg
Glutamine 3533mg
Glycine 4599mg
Proline 5321mg
Serine 4405mg
Taurine 117mg
Tyrosine 3696mg


This product is a food type dietary supplement designed to assist sports people in achieving their nutritional and performance goals and should be used in conjunction with an appropriate physical training or exercise program”.

“take with breakfast, lunch or dinner or prior to training to meet nutritional timing protocols when required”

“This product is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and appropriate fluid intake

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  1. Great Product

    Posted by Stephanie on 11th Sep 2012

    Loving the results and flavours, Highly recommend this product.

    Thanks Steph
    Team Supplement Pro

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