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Ground Zero – Unique Formulation for a Rush of Energy

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Ground Zero is a unique blend of products that boosts your sports and performance. As its name suggests, it contains:

  • Zero carbs
  • Zero fat
  • Zero sugar

Ground zero relies on distinctive ingredients that are seldom used in other supplements of the same nature. Its finest formulation is your best solution if you are looking forward to boost your sports and performance.


Amongst other ingredients that work to build your muscle mass, facilitated sports and performance, using ground zero, is ensured through the following two unique ingredients.

1. Caffeine

Mental Alertness: What do you usually need to kick-start your day first thing in the morning? Most probably, you answered coffee. Coffee is rich in caffeine, and ground zero provides the benefits of caffeine for your sports and performance in their formulation.

Caffeine is also included as one of the ingredients of ground zero because it keeps you active to take quick decisions. The mechanism behind your immediate alertness of mind, right after the first sip of caffeine, is its action causing the release of dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that works by stimulating the grey matter, to keep your mind alert and conscious. It promotes the overall well-being that is a major demand in your sports and performance activities.

Cardiovascular Efficiency: As soon as you take caffeine, it infiltrates the receptors of your blood vessels causing your arteries to constrict. This can help you by increasing your blood pressure by as much as 10 folds. Although, some people associate caffeine with conditions such as hypertension and cardiovascular issues, Harvard researchers have now proved quite the opposite. Drinking caffeine regularly, may enhance your cardiovascular functioning, keeping you at a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. The efficiency of your cardiovascular system is required for effortless sports and performances. Thus, ground zero helps you improve your stamina by targeting the cardiovascular system with the use of caffeine.

Calcium in Muscles: Ground zero targets your sports and performance by also improving the physiology of your muscles. The use of caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors in the muscles. This leads to electrical activity including higher bursts of calcium for enhanced functioning of the muscles. Eventually, your muscular contractions become stronger; much needed for your sports activities.

Liver: The brilliant formulation of ground zero does not contain any trace of sugar because caffeine itself triggers the release of blood sugar, necessary for your pumped up performance. The alertness of your central nervous system signals the release of adrenaline that makes your liver pump sugar into the bloodstream. This helps boost your performance because sugar is required for instant energy for your sports activities.

2. Prickly pear

Fiber Content: Ground zero does not only boost your sports and performance but helps you stay fit and healthy with the use of prickly pear extracts. Prickly pear consists of dietary fiber in the form of pectin, cellulose and lignin. It helps to maintain your blood cholesterol levels and keeps you at a lower risk of diabetes.

Vitamin C: You need strong bones to meet the expectations in your sports performances. Ground zero ensures this, with the use of prickly pear that aids in the development and growth of your bones, owing to its high reserves of Vitamin C. If you are a dedicated athlete, you cannot afford to fall sick; ground zero takes into account the lifestyle of a sports performer and also boosts your immunity with the use of prickly pear.

Calcium: An athlete does not only need calcium for the strengthening of bones and teeth but also for efficient functioning of cardiovascular and skeletal systems of the body. The high reserves of calcium in prickly pear ensure that you get calcium rich diet daily.

Ergogenic Effect

Ground zero delivers ergogenic effect with the combination of nitric oxide boost, caffeine and array of amino acids. It increases the overall bioavailibilty and absorption in the digestive system when it is needed during a physical activity. To suit your taste, ground zero utilizes artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and acesulphame k. It consists of a refreshing lemon citrus flavor called ‘Citrus Blue’.


It is recommended to take about 23g of ground zero per serving before or after your training sessions. The directions to follow are quick and simple:

  • Mix approximately 1.5 scoops of ground zero, which is equivalent to about 23g in 200 to 400ml of water.
  • Shake for about 30 seconds.
  • Consume 30 to 60 minutes after mixing.